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Shia LaBeouf Essay - Zach Schatz November 2 2010 WRT 105...

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Zach Schatz November 2, 2010 WRT 105 Wall Street: A Man’s World There seems to be an American standard that a typical family home is run by the mother whom tends to her children while the father is out working in the office. This principle feeds the stereotype that the office is a man’s domain, a prominent gender bias issue. Found in the April 2010 edition of GQ Magazine, a photograph of Shia LaBeouf displays a chaotic, male-dominated office epitomizing Wall Street. The article “Bringing Clients Back In: Homophily Preferences and Inequality on Wall Street”, by Louise Marie Roth, argues that women are at a clear disadvantage in the “manly” domain of Wall Street. This image reinforces the gender issue as research proves that the female population is at a clear disadvantage: With male-dominated client organizations, this often included homosocial activities that reinforced gender boundaries in Wall Street firms. Female professionals could not choose to participate in typically masculine pursuits such as cigar smoking, going to topless bars, and hunting for sport without stepping over the edge of appropriate heterosexual femininity and making the client and/or themselves extremely uncomfortable. (Roth, 624) The picture depicting Shia LaBeouf demonstrates stereotypical boundaries of homosocial activities. This issue may be something that LaBeouf unknowingly embodies, but the various photographic techniques are not accidental. The photographer of the GQ photo shoot purposely chooses each aspect of the image from framing to color. Shia stands in the foreground, retaining poise and carrying an aura of confidence, representing the empowered man in his workspace. In the end these techniques give life to the male dominated workspace, assimilating the hostile atmosphere created in the photograph with
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the homosocial activities Roth discusses in her article. This particular image from the collection is a black and white photograph displaying LaBeouf as the centerpiece in a chaotic office. He stands in the middle, staring straight into the camera. LaBeouf carries poise as one immediately notices the expensive clothes he fashions. Casually bracing himself against a desk with one hand, he holds a briefcase in the other. In the background of the image there are three other workers roaming about the office. A viewer is unable to see their faces, but they seem to be generic businessmen. They each wear a suit and are engaged in their own work. As if they connect the foreground to background, papers are scattered on the floor beneath LaBeouf’s feet. From simple observations, one is able to make certain inferences as to LaBeouf’s
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Shia LaBeouf Essay - Zach Schatz November 2 2010 WRT 105...

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