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Shia Paragraphs - and poise in a place of chaos The blurred...

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Zach Schatz October 10, 2010 WRT 105 Homework Paragraphs The image of Shia LaBeouf depicts a man standing in a chaotic office. Shia is positioned in the center of the photograph leaning against a desk. He is a poised young man in a dapper suit and surely stands out from the others in the photograph. The black and white image helps direct the focus to Shia as he is wearing white while the rest of the image is full of shades of grey and black. Another photographic technique used is the blurring effect of the other people in the background, clearly focusing the image on the foreground where Shia is located. All of these observations contribute to the overall interpretation of the photograph. At first glance of this image it is apparent that Shia obtains a sense of confidence
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Unformatted text preview: and poise in a place of chaos. The blurred background shows people scrambling about the office space in contrast to the relaxed look of Shia. His poise in the office parallels his wardrobe as both of these observations set him apart from others in the picture. The dominance of his character, which is centrally located within the photograph, cannot possibly be overlooked. This image makes one question as to how this young man seems to be in complete control. After reading the article the picture begins to confirm all these initial inferences as Shia shares a revealing experience that changed his life....
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