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Unit 1 Essay Reflection

Unit 1 Essay Reflection - Zach Schatz WRT 105 Unit 1 Essay...

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Zach Schatz September 19, 2010 WRT 105 Unit 1 Essay Reflection 1. Many of the classroom exercises gradually helped me create my essay, but the one that stood out the most was examination of Sturken and Cartwright quotations. In this exercise I was able to go through the Sturken and Cartwright reading with a group and find key quotations for our papers. We then said how each quote related to one author, or how it may have gone against the point of one author. This was very helpful as I originally struggled to understand the Struken and Cartwright reading finding a bit dense and boring at times. After the first page assigned for homework one night I quickly changed my topic to be sure I was writing about visual images. After talking to my teacher I was able to map out a thesis and support for my topic. I created my final transition during the editing stage but originally mapped out the flow of my topic to help write along the way.
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