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Weiner Argument - various inputs by hip-hop artists on the...

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Zach Schatz November 3, 2010 WRT 105 Weiner’s Argument Analysis plays a role in Weiner’s essay in order to support his claim that hip-hop is gradually breaking barriers held by male stereotypes. The structure of the essay is interesting because it initially discusses Kanye West’s hypocritical use of homophobic terms, yet ultimately explains how he and other artists are taking steps towards change. Weiner analyzes the lyrics of various rappers in order to prove their need to establish masculinity. Terms such as “no homo” are used to be certain that everyone is aware that these men are heterosexual. After his introduction to the topic, Weiner begins to analyze
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Unformatted text preview: various inputs by hip-hop artists on the topic of homosexuals and hip-hop music. The analysis of lyrics and opinions then transitions to the concluding argument. The fact that Weiner is able to demonstrate how these artists may be saying one thing, but acting in a contradictory way creates the argument. While all these men enforce the fact that they are not homosexual through their lyrics, they choose to wear flamboyant clothing and participate in acts that could potentially be seen as “gay”. In turn these acts have actually turned into more masculine actions showing a certain comfort level with their own masculinity....
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