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Zach Schatz April 12, 2011 Guest Speaker: The App World Tuesday, April 12 th , 7:00-9:00pm, The Herg Auditorium, Newhouse III: Eric Gillin (Newhouse ’99 alum), David Griffin , and Jennifer Brook Tonight’s lecture on the utilization of “apps” was very interesting with the various perspectives of the speakers. The three speakers hold roles as designers, creators and editors of various apps. Across the board, the speakers agree that a success full is simple and straightforward. If the app needs to be explained in more than one sentence, it is not going to be successful. After touching on this topic briefly, the speakers addressed the idea of these apps in place of print. An intriguing point made was that it is very easy to teach young children through touch apps. For a child to be able to touch and move something in order to learn is a powerful principle.
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Unformatted text preview: The design of these apps is very complex, yet at the same time simplicity is the essence. Due to the minimal space provided on an iPad, combined with the size of one’s finger, a challenge is created to be simple. A designer must be extremely efficient as every component holds equal value of importance. One final discussion topic touched upon by the speakers tonight was their experience of developing apps before the launch of the iPad. Imagine creating a product without knowing if it will be successful, what direction it is going in or how popular it may be. These creators blindly jumped into a career that they did not know much about and are continuing to learn more about every day. I couldn’t imagine being the first to do something so revolutionary as this....
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