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Bottled Water Concept Statement - just how easy it can be...

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Schatz 1 Zach Schatz Professor Gitner COM117 2/1/11 Bottled Water Killer Campaign Syracuse students send a clear message in support of the no more bottled water initiative with a new ‘Bottled Water Killer’ campaign. Log Line: Eliminate Disease. Eliminate Waste. Choose an Alternative. The purpose of the Bottled Water Killer campaign is to convey and create a positive message while motivating the viewers to change. The PSA is designed to firstly, and most importantly, inform the audience as to the dangers of abusing bottled water use while supplying an alternative method of choice. Secondly, the BWK campaign is meant to inspire change within each viewer, clearly displaying
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Unformatted text preview: just how easy it can be to make a change. Anyone who views the PSA will be drawn to question the topic, now having more information about something they initially took for granted. It should draw emotions that desire a change for all age viewers, and that the time is now to react to this growing issue. This PSA will meet the campaign’s objectives by sending a strong, clear message to the public. If it simply causes someone to think next time they drink bottled water, then the Bottled Water Killer campaign will be a success. 1...
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