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Non-Fiction Concept Statement

Non-Fiction Concept Statement - alive and prosperous They...

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Schatz, 1 Zach Schatz, Evan Petty, Mariann Yip Professor Gitner COM117 3/31/11 LOG LINE: A Family of Florists TITLE OF PROJECT: 50 Years for a Family of Florists STORY SUMMARY: The purpose of this non-fiction piece is to show the story of a family-owned business located in Syracuse, New York. Westcott Florists, located on Westcott Street, is a family owned and operated florist since 1961. This year the family business hit the half-century mark looking to continue their business in the future. This piece will explore the current owners and how they manage to keep their store
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Unformatted text preview: alive and prosperous. They care about their customers and have a special role in the Syracuse community. The interview will explore the role that a simple flower shop can play in a larger community. Anyone who watches this interview should be drawn to visit this particular florist after seeing the strong connection to the city of Syracuse. By creating an entertaining interview with clips of a daily routine in the shop, the video should present a clear story engaging the audience. 1...
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