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Person-On-The-Street Interview Zach Schatz Public Relations Principles and Concepts January 23, 2011
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Pick three people and ask how they define the term “public relations.” It is practically guaranteed these results will yield three different answers. According to Public Relations: the Profession and the Practice , public relations is, “a leadership and management function that helps achieve organizational objectives, define philosophy, and facilitate organizational change.” To the three interviewees, public relations hold different values in their lives based on their own experiences. One woman interviewed, Deborah Schatz, held a 15-year career in the field of public relations. Clearly her personal definition will differ from Kenny Cousins’, a student currently studying public relations. Evidently, Kenny would define public relations more literally than Stefanee Brody for she is not a student majoring in public relations. Through interviews with these three people, it may be concluded that although their responses differ to certain degrees, that does not mean that any of their answers were necessarily incorrect. The first question asked to the three interviewees was to define the term “public relations.” The first definition Deborah shared was that PR is when a company, organization, individual or group of individuals work to manage their public images using information and persuasion, largely via the “media.” Her second definition was
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Person-On-The-Street - Person-On-The-Street Interview Zach...

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