Cairo Riots

Cairo Riots - One Week in Cairo: An SU Abroad Experience...

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One Week in Cairo: An SU Abroad Experience Zach Schatz September 26, 2011 PRL 214
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As the protesters continued to push towards the center of Cairo, Egypt, the riot police resorted to violent methods of crowd control. Water tanks, rubber bullets and tear gas were not enough to discourage the protesters. As a few Syracuse University abroad students witnessed, the scene turned from an unprecedented outcry against the dictatorship of President Mubarak to unbelievable police brutality. Ankit Sethi, current senior at Syracuse University, remembers watching in amazement as a canister soared through the air, leaving a trail of smoke behind, and eventually landing right beside him. “I thought I was running as fast as I could, but I booked it!” recalls Sethi in a recent interview, “First it smells like sulfur and burns your nostrils, then it hits your eyes and makes you cry. It’s similar to pepper spray but when you inhale it your lungs tighten up so you can’t breathe.” As Sethi can attest, studying in Cairo this past semester was anything but the typical abroad experience. Sethi is majoring in international relations and economics, planning to graduate in the spring. His concentration within international relations is the Middle East and international security and diplomacy. Already completing four semesters of Arabic, Sethi
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Cairo Riots - One Week in Cairo: An SU Abroad Experience...

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