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Zach Schatz November 17, 2011 PRL 214 Crisis Communications Assignment The Crisis: A fund-raiser for John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, was arrested Wednesday morning for allegations of illegally funneling thousands of dollars into Liu’s campaign account. The New York Times is currently reporting that an undercover agent from the FBI posed as a possible donor to collect information for the arrest of Mr. Pan. The agent requested to donate $16,000 – far exceeding the maximum city-imposed limit of $4,950 from any individual donor. Parties Involved: The parties involved are those who work with John C. Liu and those involved with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The one work associate referenced alongside Liu is the alleged “fund-raiser,” Mr. Pan. Mr. Pan deals with many of Liu’s business affairs for fundraising. In opposition, the FBI has been investigating Liu for quite some time. Communications: The communications in this scenario seem to be a bit one sided. Neither Liu nor
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Unformatted text preview: his associates are making comments at this time as they are still under investigation. The article seems to depict a scenario in which the FBI begins to disclose information that has been previously withheld. As the case begins to unravel there will certainly be more information shared with the public. When and Where: The event took place in New York City. The first interaction between Mr. Pan and the undercover agent is dated as August 17, 2011. This date implies that there had been initial investigation prior to August. Final Outcome: Current communications have not put Liu in good standing with the city of New York and his potential voters. On the other hand, Liu’s own crisis communication experts are yet to deal with the events that occurred Wednesday. His public perception is taking a loss, but these days to follow will truly solidify his status.
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