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David Stern Bio - and its players thus creating “free...

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Zach Schatz October 24, 2011 PRL 214 David Stern Bio David Stern was elected commissioner of the NBA in February 1984. He is the fourth commissioner in league history dating back to 1949. Stern first began as an outside legal counsel in 1966. Next he joined the NBA in 1978 as general counsel, soon becoming vice president in 1980. Throughout Stern’s time as commissioner he has built an entity that predecessors had tried but failed to do. Stern is responsible for the expansion of the NBA by adding six franchises and increasing revenue drastically. In 1976, Stern played a pivotal role in the landmark settlement between the NBA
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Unformatted text preview: and its players, thus creating “free agency”; the collective bargaining agreement that established revenue sharing, along with a salary cap; professional sports’ first anti-drug agreement; the creation of NBA Properties; and the establishment of NBA Entertainment. Some highlights of his career, along with the success of the altered market-savvy NBA persona, include winning Olympic Basketball in 1992 – allowing professional players to participate for the first time – and the founding of the WNBA in 1996. Stern is the longest-running commission in league history....
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