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English Language Speech Exercise

English Language Speech Exercise - of one’s speech is...

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Zach Schatz September 20, 2011 PRL 214 Language Is Nothing to “LOL” About The age of technology changed society in countless ways including the English language. Instant messaging and txt messaging are only a couple new means of communication reshaping speech. Yesterday, Professor Bryce Ellis of Whitman University made a speech about the devaluations of the English language. As a professor of English, Ellis sees the evolution of English as a train wreck waiting to happen, as the lead locomotive is coming around the bend. In his speech, Ellis contrasts the evolution from old to modern English with the change from modern to jumbled garbage today. The professor sees the transition from old English as a natural change over time. The current reshaping, according to Ellis, is our own fault. He urges that abbreviations, such as “LOL” and “BTW,” cannot be integrated into everyday language. These abbreviations take on multiple meanings and the purpose
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Unformatted text preview: of one’s speech is lost. Ellis admits that it is the nature of living languages to change. The fear in change is that eventually we will look back through historical text and not understand the language. People think that there are shortcuts in language, but Ellis conveys a clear message that shortcuts lead to miscommunication. As Ellis ended his speech he left the audience with one disturbing thought stating, “The definition of loneliness is the inability to communicate.” Communication with the society we live in helps us survive. The English language changes from state to state and country to country. New slang is developed daily. It is not easy to keep pace with the constant change and impossible to prevent. However, as Ellis suggests, we can choose to use language everyone can understand....
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English Language Speech Exercise - of one’s speech is...

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