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Feature News Story - Sethi - salvaged a moment of clarity...

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Zach Schatz September 26, 2011 PRL 206 Cairo Panic The riot police were now way too close for comfort and before they knew it, they began sprinting through the streets of Cairo, Egypt. As Ankit Sethi, current senior at Syracuse University, fled the scene he turned to see the police pursuing. At that moment one officer cocked back a massive launcher and pulled the trigger. Sethi watched in amazement as a canister flew through the air, leaving a trail of smoke behind, and eventually landing right beside him. “I thought I was running as fast as I could, but I booked it!” recalls Sethi in a recent interview, “First it smells like sulfur and burns your nostrils, then it hits your eyes and makes you cry. It’s similar to pepper spray but when you inhale it your lungs tighten up so you can’t breathe.” Sethi and his fellow students were disoriented at this point to say the least. Trying to breathe underneath his shirt, Sethi
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Unformatted text preview: salvaged a moment of clarity and pulled out all the cash from his wallet. Frantically waving the money in the air, he spotted a taxi. Sethi and the other students dove into the taxi one after another. They now understood why their professor had told them to stay away from the protests. To say the least, Sethi and the three other Syracuse students shared an abroad experience unlike any semester before. Their whereabouts were unknown by the university for a week. Once the students were able to leave the city they were able to relocate to Istanbul. Prior to the violent outbursts there had been several protests throughout the week. President Mubarak had been in power for 30 years and the people were finally speaking out against the dictatorial regime. Mubarak and the Egyptian government had shut down any means of communication with the world, including Internet access and telephone use....
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