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PR in Articles - Zach Schatz October 5 2011 PRL 214 Public...

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Zach Schatz October 5, 2011 PRL 214 Public Relations Articles iPhone Release: This morning, a New York Times article discussed the new product release of the latest iPhone, iPhone 4S. This article displays public relations, as it is one of few articles that seem to take the upgrade with a positive outlook. Most articles are bashing the iPhone upgrade as a “dud” but this article compliments the improvements that are “under the hood.” The article, as many others, contains information that is made public by apple as they have a video of the unveiling of the iPhone on their website. However, this article is different as the reporter contacted analysts for direct quotes. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/05/technology/apple-introduces-a-new-iphone- with-a-personal-assistant.html?ref=technology Governor Christie: The Fox News article stating Governor Christie decision to not run for President is an example of public relations placement. PR is utilized in this article as the reporter is given insight as to why Governor Christie is choosing not to run. The article claims that
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