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Preliminary Test Results - Speed Test Mozilla Firefox(4.5...

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Speed Test Mozilla Firefox (4.5) Overall I would give Firefox a positive review. Both the speeds on the Mac computer and the Windows computer were stunningly fast. Firefox’s average warm start up was 1.9 seconds which is very fast. Their Google search was also very quick and responsive. Finally, I believe that Firefox is quite the web browser machine. I greatly recommend Firefox for anyone using Windows and Mac based computers. However, the only reason I gave it an A- was because the navigation speeds were a little on the high side, but never the less Firefox is still quite the browser. Safari (4.5) Safari, another very fast and unique browser also had extremely fast speeds associated with the average warm start speeds. The average warm start speed was 1.8, which was 1 millisecond fast the Firefox. However, that did not affect my decision to give it an A-. The reason behind the grade, again, rested on the navigation speeds of the browser, which was less than stellar. On the other hand, this is a fantastic browser that I highly recommend to any user Mac based or Windows based. Internet Explorer (5) I gave IE the grade of an A because overall this browser is fast, intelligent, and reliable. Fast because of their 1.7 second warm start up speed along with their 3 second navigation speed. Overall, and like many other browsers, this browser is much recommended for anyone. IE is the standard web browser for Windows based computers, which doesn’t come to any surprise due to the overall superiority of this browser in the computer world. If it’s one things user want its speed, reliability, and uniqueness. Google Chrome (4.5) Last, but not least Google Chrome. Chrome is a very fast and reliable web browser that I would recommend to anybody. With Chrome’s slow warm start up speed of 3.2 dragging it behind, their navigation speed make up for. Chrome’s navigation speed was the fasted of all that our group tested with an average navigation speed of 2.3 seconds. Considering Chrome’s slower warm start up speed that is the only reason that it deserves an A-
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Feature Set One of the main criteria that we are rating these four browsers on is feature set. Feature set is just how it sounds; it is the set of features that a particular browser offers. It’s obvious that a bowser with more features is going to be more appealing because it will be more user friendly and allow the user to do more within the browser. It is not only important to have many features, but to have features that really improve the experience of web browsing. Considering the evolution of web browsers throughout the years and these browsers in particular, it can easily be noted that these browsers now tend to have many of the same features. For example, features like bookmark management, privacy mode, and tabbed browsing are all features that through the years have made their way into each browser. Because feature set is something users look for in a browser, it is
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Preliminary Test Results - Speed Test Mozilla Firefox(4.5...

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