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Safari Strengths and Weaknesses

Safari Strengths and Weaknesses - Safari’s weakness is...

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Safari Strengths and Weaknesses: The strengths of the Safari web browser are within its speed and feature set. Safari is a very fast browser with an average warm start time of 1.8 seconds. When tested, the times for both initial search and repeat search are constant with the other browsers tested. The other strength, feature set, tested very well as its only deficiency was three features: ad filtering, content-modal dialogs and tab stacking.
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Unformatted text preview: Safari’s weakness is clearly its design appeal. The browser lacks any sort of color tones and utilizes greys beyond the web page. The browser is unenticing to any user who may be choosing their browser based on visual appearance. Although this could be seen as Safari attempting to not take away from the web page, the lack of a unique design cripples its potential consumer reach....
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