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Web browser doublechecked

Web browser doublechecked - Introduction One of the most...

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Introduction One of the most vital programs to any computer system is the web browser. Web browsers are the most important software because every webpage runs through it. Now a day, most of the time anyone uses a computer, it is to access the Internet. Browsers have the ability to enhance, or hinder, the experience of searching the World Wide Web. This leads users to make an important decision as to which web browser should they use. Big companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have tried to create the best browser; the fastest, securest and most appealing. A web browser is a software application for getting, presenting and sharing information on the Internet. Web browsers provide users with access to the Internet in a quick and easy manner. As years progress, web browsers have improved in terms of speed, security and much more. Browsers have been developed with innovative features such as pop-up blockers, bookmarks, invisible browsing and plug-ins to list a few. With each company competing to make its browser superior on a worldwide scale, browsers have become the number one tool in the computing world. When purchasing a computer, it is fully equipped with a preinstalled web browser. Older generation consumers tend to use the preinstalled browser, unaware of the competing browsers available, which may be the better choice. These people also tend to use older versions of browsers if they are used to using them from previous computing experience. They know how to use the preinstalled browser and the notion of change is intimidating. On the other hand, users in the younger generation have grown up with technology by their side. These consumers tend to explore the tools of each browser embracing the ability to choose. This document will present a comparison of four major web browsers’ latest releases. By comparing these browsers we hope to aid computer users in their decision to consider an alternate web browser as opposed to the preinstalled option. History The first widely used web browser was NCSA Mosaic. The Mosaic programming team created the first commercial browser called Netscape Navigator. Netscape led in user share percentage until Microsoft Internet Explorer took the lead in 1999. Once Microsoft PCs became a popular consumer product, their preinstalled browser, Internet Explorer, easily overtook Netscape. In 2002 a free open source software version of Netscape was developed called Mozilla. Since then, Mozilla has gained market share on mostly non-windows platform, due to its open source foundation. In 2004 it was release in the vastly popular form named Firefox.
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Products Tested Internet Explorer 9 Overview: Created by Microsoft, Internet Explorer has gone through many phases starting with a simpler version. There are nine different versions of Internet Explorer. The latest is Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft says that this new version outstands Firefox 7 and Chrome.
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