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Psych Adaptation - landing and taking off may be unbearable...

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1. Dog Barking - Many families in the Unites States own dogs and think of them as immediate family members. Living in close proximity with the animal forces a family to adapt to the dogs behaviors. One behavior that is often a nuisance for others is a dog that habitually barks. A family that has a dog that habitually barks adapts to tune out the constant noise. While the barking dog may annoy neighbors who have not adapted repeated noise, the family who owns the animal may have learned to tune out the disturbance. 2. Airport- Anyone who has been to an airport knows the immense noise the continuous motion of large aircraft produces. In addition, there are residential areas surrounding many of the nation’s airports. For the average person the constant noise from planes
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Unformatted text preview: landing and taking off may be unbearable. However, many people reside within a close proximity of airports thanks to adaptation. The people, who live near airports, have adapted to the loud noise created by air travel and it no longer disrupts their daily lives. 3. Weather- People who have lived in a specific region of the United States have adapted to the climate they are familiar with. For example a person from Arizona has adapted to a hot climate. While, a person from Alaska will be adapted to the cold after living for a period in that region. If the person from Arizona were to travel to Alaska they may find that they feel cooler than the resident of Alaska because their body has adapted to a warmer climate....
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