POL 271 A-1 - Name Nicholas Oleson Miami University...

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Name: Nicholas Oleson Unique ID: ___olesonna___ Miami University Department of Political Science Due date: January 25, 2012 POL 271- Assignment 1 Instructor: Dr. Attar . 1. What is the Methods of Analysis (MOA) problem in international relations? The Methods of Analysis problem results from those who focus on international relations drawing conclusions that are often in conflict with one another. The confliction of findings hinders the ability of international relations scholars to effectively influence policy makers. There are three major issues that contribute to the Methods of Analysis problem. The first issue is known as the “inconsistency problem,” and occurs when scholars gather data from diverse time periods or select different data sets for analysis. Another problematic aspect of international relations is the “lack of consensus on results and their implications.” This specific concern is a product of varied methods of research and is one of the main reasons why policy makers underutilize international relations scholars. Finally, international relations are negatively
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POL 271 A-1 - Name Nicholas Oleson Miami University...

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