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1 GY 111: Physical Geology GY 111: Physical Geology UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Lecture 17: Groundwater Lecture 17: Groundwater Last Time (wow!) 1) Types of modern beaches & beach morphology 2) Waves and beach dynamics 3) Shelves (Biochemical and Chemical Rocks) 4) Reefs, atolls and oolites 5) Evaporites and evaporate basins 6) Deep Marine Environments Sedimentary Environments Part 2 Beach Morphology The Shelf The “shallow” marine, flat area surrounding continents The Shelf Ooid formation Coral Reefs Atolls are isolated coral reefs that form on shelves or in much deeper water
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2 Evaporite Basins If evaporation is extreme, shallow sea water (e.g., in tidal flats) can completely dry up precipitating dissolved “salts”. These areas are called evaporite basins or sabkhas. Today Groundwater 1. The hydrosphere and the hydrological cycle 2. Groundwater concepts 3. Groundwater topography (“Karst”) Web notes 17 Hydrosphere The hydrosphere is defined as all the water above, on and in the Earth hydrosphere Hydrological Cycle Water in the hydrosphere is circulated within the hydrological cycle ht p:/ www.coloradocol ege.edu/dept/ev/courses/EV211WWW/hydrological%20cycle.jpg Hydrological Cycle Most of the planet’s water is in the oceans (96%) followed by the ice caps (3%) and then groundwater (1%) ht p:/ www.coloradocol ege.edu/dept/ev/courses/EV211WWW/hydrological%20cycle.jpg Groundwater Groundwater is water that infiltrates below the Earth’s surface
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111-pp17 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time (wow!) GY...

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