111-pp23 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time (before...

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1 GY 111: Physical Geology GY 111: Physical Geology UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Lecture 23: Faults Lecture 23: Faults Last Time (before the exam) Folds A) Strike and Dip again B) Types of folds C) Anatomy of a fold (terminology) Folds ht p:/ www.parstimes.com/spaceimages/zagros_anticlines.jpg Folds Folds Fold axes on maps are indicated with the following symbols: Anticline Syncline Asymmetrical Folds
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2 Folds Folds can be horizontal or plunging Plunging Folds Today’s Agenda Web notes 23: Lab Manual Chapter 7 A) Types of Brittle Deformation B) Types of faults/terminology C) Faults on maps Faults (Brittle Deformation) Stress vs. Strain Diagrams z Brittle: rocks near the surface of the Earth behave as brittle materials Strain % Stress Distortion below the elastic limit is 100% recoverable Rupture Brittle Deformation e l a s t i c Mechanical Behavior of Rocks Near-surface rocks that are under low T-P conditions behave as brittle material: z Fault fracture (slippage) z Joint fracture (no slippage)
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111-pp23 - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA Last Time (before...

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