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111ass2 - then draw flow lines to indicate the direction of...

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Name: ___________________________________ Due Tuesday October 26, 2010 GY 111 Physical Geology Groundwater Assignment The “map above” shows the elevation of the water table in feet above sea level in wells in the area of 2 farmhouses. Both of the farms use groundwater. A spill of toxic chemicals (special sauce for Big Mac hamburgers) has occurred near farm house 1. Your task is to determine if their groundwater is in danger of being contaminated by the spill. To do this exercise, you must first contour the water table (use 10 foot contour lines) and
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Unformatted text preview: then draw flow lines to indicate the direction of groundwater flow. Do this on the map and then answer these questions: 1) Do the residents living in farmhouse 2 have anything to fear in their groundwater from the spill? ± Yes ± No 2) Is the water safe for the residents of farmhouse 1? ± Yes ± No • 300 •286 •270 •248 •227  Farmhouse 1 •288 •271 •245 •221 •278 •251 •230 •210 •242 •226 •219 •202 z toxic spill  Farmhouse 2 •232 •219 •200 •188...
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