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GY 111 "Word/Concept List" For Lecture Test One (2010) Be familiar with these 30 terms, multiple terms and/or concepts. You will see some of them in the definition and compare and contrast components of the up-coming Lecture test. They are not the only things that you are responsible for on the exam. Multiple answer, fill-in-the-blanks and essay questions will require comprehensive study of your lecture notes and web lecture notes. Use of a text book (hardcopy or electronic) during studying is not required, but may prove valuable for some students. magma, lava crust, mantle, core (inner and outer) convergent, divergent, transform plate boundaries island arc Paleomagnetism lithosphere, asthenosphere subduction protons, neutrons, electrons atomic number, atomic weight
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Unformatted text preview: cations, anions polymorph Rocks, Minerals rock cycle extrusive (volcanic) rocks intrusive (plutonic) rocks pyroclastic igneous rocks hotspot pluton isotherm active, extinct, dormant volcano viscosity cinder cone, composite, shield volcano pyroclastic caldera nue ardent mineral classes lahar fractionation dike, sill bonding (metallic, ionic, covalent, hydrogen) GY 111 Essay Question For Lecture Test One (2010) In addition to this word list, I present you with one of the 3 essay questions that will appear on Lecture test 1. 1) There are a lot of different silicate mineral subclasses. What are they, how do they differ and why are they so prevalent in the earths crust?. Use sketches to augment your answer ....
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