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GY 112 "Word/Concept List" For Lecture Test One (2012) Be familiar with these 30 people, terms, multiple terms and/or concepts. You will see some of them in the definition and compare and contrast components of the up-coming Lecture test. They are not the only things that you are responsible for on the exam. Multiple answer, fill-in-the-blanks and essay questions will require comprehensive study of your lecture notes and web lecture notes. Use of a text book (hardcopy or electronic) during studying is not required, but may prove valuable for some students. People: Smith Wegener Lyell Hutton Principles: Original Horizontality Lateral Continuity Superposition Cross-cutting Relationships Inclusions Terms: Unconformity; Angular unconformity; Disconformity; Non-conformity Paleomagnetism Formation, Member, Group Paleoclimate, Paleogeography Depositional environment
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Unformatted text preview: Isotopes (parent, daughter) Radioactivity, radioactive decay Half life Delta value, fractionation stratigraphy (bio-, litho- chrono-) species (endemic, cosmopolitan) Pelagic, Benthic taxonomy; Species, Genus, Family, Order, Class, Phylum, kingdom biozone LAD, FAD index fossil Nebula Differentiation; Cold accretion; Hot accretion Big Bang, Big Burp Fusion Supernova GY 112 Essay Question For Lecture Test One (2012) In addition to this word list, I present you with one of the 3 essay questions that will appear on Lecture test 1. 1) Discuss the origin of the Earth from the time it is thought to have formed from a solar nebula to approximately 4.1 GA (the age of the oldest rocks). Be sure that you address key events involving our planet and when they took place. Illustrate your answer with one or more sketches....
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