practest - GY 112 TEST NUMBER ONE (sample) (D. Haywick)...

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1 GY 112 TEST NUMBER ONE (sample) (D. Haywick) Name: _____________________________________ Note: Carefully read instructions for each part before you start to answer the questions, otherwise you may find yourself doing more work than is necessary. Provide answers to written questions in the space below each part (there should be plenty of room for you, but if necessary, feel free to additional paper). Make sure that you also record your name in the space provided above. THIS EXAM HAS 5 PARTS: TOTAL POINTS AVAILABLE = 100 [Part 1: 20 points + 1 bonus;, Part 2: 20 points; Part 3: 10 points; Part 4: 15 points; Part 5: 35 points]. PART 1: Multiple Choice: (2 points each; Worth 10 x 2 = 20 points) . CIRCLE CORRECT ANSWER 1) What is the name of the halo of cometary material at the edge of the solar system? a)Halley’s Comet b) Pluto c) Oort Cloud d) solar nebula d) microspheres f) none of these 2) The interval between the FAD and LAD of a species is called; a) a biozone b) an assemblage zone c) an index zone d) a time zone e) none of these 3) What fuel does our sun burn? a) butane
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This note was uploaded on 02/04/2012 for the course GLY 112 taught by Professor Haywick during the Spring '12 term at S. Alabama.

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practest - GY 112 TEST NUMBER ONE (sample) (D. Haywick)...

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