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lab6a - GY 302 Crystallography and Mineralogy Lab 6a Class...

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GY 302: Crystallography and Mineralogy Lab 6a: Class I: Native elements and Tellurides Drawer 1 This is your first lab dealing with mineral identification. Each week, you will be assigned a group of specimens associated with one or more of the mineral classes or silicate subclasses. You are expected to examine the minerals in the student collection and to produce notebook data sheets for each of the minerals that you might be tested on. Try to maintain high quality for your data sheets. Be neat, organized and incorporate as much useful information as possible into them; they will be the only resource available to you for lab quizzes/exams and they are assessable (see syllabus for details). About today's lab : The native elements are comparatively easy. They are few in number and are generally characterized by one or two diagnostic properties. Unfortunately, they are expensive and specimens of many of them (e.g., diamond, platinum) are limited in number. Quality versions may only be available as demonstration specimens in the lab.
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