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lab6b - 5 Hexagonal(trigonal g Enargite Cu 3 AsS 4...

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GY 302: Crystallography and Mineralogy Lab 6b: Class II: Sulfides. Sulfosalts and Arsenides Drawers 2 and 3 Your task today : The class II minerals are much more challenging than the native elements. They are more numerous and not always readily distinguishable on the basis of one or two diagnostic properties. Moreover, some of the specimens that we have are pretty poor. Make sure that you record as much data as possible in your mineral notebooks. You’ll need it for the next quiz. Mineral Formula System Specimen Quality Argentite Ag 2 S Isometric g,g,g *Arsenopyrite FeAsS Monoclinic p,f,g,g Bornite Cu 5 FeS 4 Orthorhombic f(x3), g(x7) Boulangerite Pb 5 Sb 4 S 11 Orthorhombic f,g Chalcocite Cu 2 S Monoclinic g(x5) Chalcopyrite CuFeS 2 Tetragonal f,f,g,g Cinnabar HgS Hexagonal f, g(x5) Cobaltite CoAsS Orthorhombic g,g,g Covellite CuS Hexagonal g,g,g *Domeykite Cu 3 As Isometric g *Digenite Cu 9 S 5 Hexagonal (trigonal)
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Unformatted text preview: 5 Hexagonal (trigonal) g Enargite Cu 3 AsS 4 Orthorhombic g(x5) *Galena PbS Isometric f,f,g,g Jamesonite Pb 4 FeSb 6 S 14 Monoclinic g,g,g *Marcasite FeS 2 Orthorhombic g,g *Millerite NiS Hexagonal p Molybdenite MoS 2 Hexagonal f(x6),g(x4) Nickeline/Niccolite NiAs Hexagonal g,g,g Orpiment As 2 S 3 Monoclinic g(x7) *Pararammelsbergite NiAs 2 Orthorhombic g Pyrite FeS 2 Isometric g(x5) Pyrrhotite Fe (1-x) S Variable g,g,g *Realgar AsS Monoclinic (combined with orpiment) Skutterudite/smaltite (Co,Ni)As 2-3 /(Co,Ni)As 3x Isometric g,g,g Sphalerite ZnS Isometric g(x4) Stibnite Sb 2 S 3 Orthorhombic f,g,g,g,g Tetrahedrite (Cu, Fe) 12 Sb 4 S 13 Isometric f(x4),g(x3) ☺ p-poor, f-fair, g-good Minerals labeled with an (*) will NOT be on tests or quizzes this year in GY 302 The quiz next Tuesday will be from 1:00-1:20 PM and will include Native Elements, Sulfides and Sulfosalts...
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