poster - try to fit all of the text that you think is...

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GY 302 Poster Advise/Guidelines The major assignment for GY 302 will be a “term” poster display. The following are the requirements for this assignment Your poster must follow the format indicated on the next page A poster can be considered a cut and paste version of a scientific paper, but it must be more concise, succinct and visually appealing. Write the most important concepts that you want to discuss and insert them into the text boxes that have been positioned on the poster template (you will receive this via e-mail later today). Key points: Images are more important for a poster than they are for a paper. Make sure that the ones that you use are high quality. If they are “small” files (e.g., less than 250 KB), they will not enlarge well on your poster. If your image is pixilated, choose another one. Poor quality images will count against you. Do not try to convert the equivalent of a 10 page paper into a poster. In particular, do not
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Unformatted text preview: try to fit all of the text that you think is necessary into the information boxes. Figures really are more important than text for posters so you may have to cut out some of the ecessary┬┤material. Use the poster guideline to help you with composition. Your text should be readable by people standing 4 feet away from your poster so. Use the fonts I selected for you( 32 pt higher title font; 24 pt text font). Figure captions and references can afford to be a smaller font (e.g., 18pt). Do not wait until the last minute to do this exercise. Get started now. Please note, the posters will be presented in GSA poster session format during the Nov 23 lab session. Be prepared to stand in front of your poster from 100 pm until the end of the lab. The final poster is not redo-able GY 302 Poster Guidelines...
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poster - try to fit all of the text that you think is...

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