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poster1 - Cinnabar Abstract Cinnabar is a very interesting...

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Student Name Abstract Cinnabar is a very interesting mineral that has historical significance as well as financial uses. It has had a medical impact as well a a cultural impact throughout history as the main ore of mercury and traditionally the main source of the vermilion red pigment. Introduction Cinnabar has had a variety of uses in many cultures and has been sought after historically for its beautiful coloring. This poster will explore the economic uses. It will also show occurrences and locations that this mineral has been mined and is currently being mined around the world. Conclusions The uses of cinnabar have been documented throughout history for many purposes and uses. With the health awareness of the detrimental effects of mercury, this mineral is not as mined as much as it has been in the past. Also, the decline in cinnabar mining may have resulted in the newer technology in medical instruments that are now digital instead of mercury based, like thermometers. Regardless, this mineral will continue to be studied
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