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305lab3 - GY 305 Geophysics Lab 3 Electric Log Correlation...

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GY 305 Geophysics Lab 3: Electric Log Correlation Exercise 1 SP and Resistivity Logs The situation : Picture yourself in the role of a petroleum geologist on your first day of the new job. Your goal is to assess the potential for further petroleum extraction from a known producing field (Alba Field). In other words, you need to determine if your company should invest money to drill one or more additional wells in the field. In order to adequately assess the economic potential of more wells, you need to resolve the subsurface stratigraphy. This will involve making stratigraphic/sedimentary sections and various other maps/diagrams based upon available electric logs of the well field. To make this as real an experience as possible 1 , some of the information that you need will be communicated to you, not provided via printed media. Assume that you are talking to the person you are replacing in the exploration team responsible for the Alba Field. Fear not, He has not been fired. He is retiring at the age of 55 to pursue his dream of running a
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