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GY 305: Geophysics Fall Semester 2010 Your Hosts: Dr. Jim Connors (Weeks 1-7) Dr. Doug Haywick (Weeks 8-16) Objectives and Goals: GY 305 is intended to introduce the student to the wide variety of geophysical techniques that are used to interpret geological strata, structures, and characteristics. The course includes: optical survey techniques in the field, use of seismic wave reflection and interpretation of seismic data, gravity use of g eophysical well logs in petroleum and groundwater exploration, geophysical petroleum exploration, sequence stratigraphy, and subsurface contamination / minerals detection. The goals of Dr. Haywick’s portion of GY 305 include: 1) providing students with an understanding of the practical applications of geophysics to the petroleum industry; 2) providing students with hands-on experiences in solving petroleum-related geophysical problems; 3) introducing students to sequence stratigraphy. Dr. Connors’ portion of the course focuses on the use of geomagnetism and gravity in crustal analysis (with particular application to oil and gas exploration), as well as geophysical technologies commonly used in the modern practice of environmental geology, hydrogeology, and minerals exploration. Prerequisites: GY 111 and either PH 114 or PH 201. TENTATIVE LECTURE GAME PLAN (subject to revision) Week 8 INTRODUCTION (Chapter 1; supplementary material) Lect 1: Introductions, Elementary Physics (wave theory) Lect 2: Reflection and refraction Lab: Basic Physics (as applied to geology) Week 9 INTRODUCTION TO PETROLEUM GEOPHYSICS Lect 1: Generation of petroleum; Migration of petroleum (ONLINE) Lect 2: Reservoirs and their properties; trapping mechanisms Lab: Reservoir petrography (LSCB 340) Week 10 BASIC WELL LOGS - PART 1 (Chapters 5, 6, 8, 10, and 11) Lect 1: SP and Resistivity Logs Lect 2: Gamma Ray Logs Lab: Well log correlation exercise 1 Week 11 ELECTRIC LOG INTERPRETATION (Chapters 5, 7, 9 and 11) Lect 1: Schlumberger and well logging services (ONLINE) Lect 2: Neutron Activation logs; Density and other logs Lab: Well log correlation exercise 2 Week 12 ELECTRIC LOG INTERPRETATION (Chapter 11 and 12) Lect 1: Haywick Section: First examination Lect 2: Isopach maps Lab: Mapping exercises Week 13 SEISMIC STRATIGRAPHY (Chapter 4) Lect 1: Fence post diagrams and other graphic techniques
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305syl - GY 305 Geophysics Fall Semester 2010 Your Hosts Dr...

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