402-write2 - Write 2 GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology(W GSSA...

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Write 2 GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology (W) GSSA Writing Assignment Two Developing Hypotheses in Scientific Publications Research Methodology Your Task : By now, you have all had a walk around Municipal Park and have been introduced to some of the interesting sedimentological issues in our back yard. Most of you by now should be “grouped up” and should be working on developing an idea by which to “test” via grain size analysis. Today’s writing assignment is more or less your group’s research statement as well as the research methods that you employed to do the study. First the “hypothesis” part. What is your question, and how will grain size help you to answer it? The catch for today (there is always ) a catch, is that you must present your question and the means by which to solve it in classical hypothesis fashion. We in geology generally do not do this. We talk more about objectives than we do hypotheses, but I would still like you to understand the methodology just in case you ever have to talk to a biologist, or a chemist or (God forbid!), a physicist. Hypotheses are reasoned explanations for observations. They are never stated as questions, but always as statement with an explanation following it. It is not to be a question because it states what he/she thinks or believes will occur (see example below). Most importantly, they are testable; the test(s) either confirm or refute your explanation. No fence sitting here. If your
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402-write2 - Write 2 GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology(W GSSA...

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