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402-write5 - Landing At a bare minimum you need to discuss...

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Write 5 GY 402 Sedimentary Petrology (W) GSSA Writing Assignment Five Moscow Landing Project: Background (Stratigraphy) Introduction: The grain size project lacked one of the major components of a scientific paper; the background section. This important section summarizes all (or most) of the previous work that has been done by you and others that is relevant to the project you are writing about. Your grain size work was rather unique and set in a small location in Mobile, so apart from previous year’s GY 402 students, nothing has really been done before. So no background was needed. Moscow Landing is different. It is one of the most important KT sites in North America and it has been examined for a lot of different reasons by a lot of different people. Your Task: The background section of any paper should cover all of the areas that your research examines and can consequently be quite voluminous. In GY 402, I would like you to restrict your background to just the stratigraphy that has been done on Moscow
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Unformatted text preview: Landing. At a bare minimum, you need to discuss Charlie Smith’s study. I would recommend that you look at each of the formations exposed at Moscow Landing separately (i.e., have a separate sub section for each formation. Feel free to also refer to the papers that you found in your literature search a week ago. If those papers were not specific to Moscow Landing, then if I were you, I’d also do a bit more literature reviewing that was. Be sure to use in-text citations when you use material from these source(s). For example: The stratigraphy at Moscow Landing exposes the uppermost Cretaceous and lowest most Tertiary and is one of the best exposures of the kind in the southeastern USA (Smith, 1997) . The assignment requires a GSSA cover letter and is redo-able (see assignment one for the guidelines concerning resubmissions). Due date/Revision date: refer to the due dates page on the website/calendar....
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