402syl - GY 402: Sedimentary Petrology (W) - 3 hours Spring...

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GY 402: Sedimentary Petrology (W) - 3 hours Spring 2012 Your Host: Dr. Doug Haywick (http://www.usouthal.edu/geology/haywick) Objectives and Goals: This course will examine the physical make-up of some of the most important rocks we have on the planet (certainly along the Alabama Gulf Coast!); the sedimentary rocks. You will be introduced to the most common nomenclatures used to name those rocks and sediments, the techniques used to identify them, and the parameters responsible for their origins. Laboratories will be used to introduce you to the physical properties of sediment and sedimentary rocks. Several required field excursions will take place in this class. The one to Moscow Landing will be a three day mini field school. GY 402 also requires substantial computer use. Most students already have access to personal computers; however, the Department has several available for your use. These computers have licensed copies of Word/WordPerfect, PaintShop Pro, Excel/Quattro and several sedimentary geology application packages (e.g., TriPlot). You will also need an active E-mail account for this class. GY 402 has GY 302 and 304 as prerequisites. TENTATIVE LECTURE & LAB GAME PLAN (T-Tuesday; R-Thursday) Week 1 INTRODUCTION Lect 1a (T): Course structure, origin of sediment, description of sedimentary rocks (1) Lect 1b (T): Grain size and descriptive parameters of sediment (2) [Thurs Lab]: Visit to Municipal Park; 11 AM-1:45 PM (mandatory) Saturday Jan 21 and Sunday Jan 22; collect samples at Municipal Park (Doug on standby) Week 2 GRAIN DYNAMICS Lect 1 (T): Sediment classification techniques and schemes (3) Lect 2 (R): Fluid and bedform dynamics (4) [Tues/Thurs Labs]: Grain size analysis Week 3 FLUID DYNAMICS Lect 1 (T): Bedform development (5) Lect 2 (R): Primary sedimentary structures (6) [Tues Lab]: Grain size analysis [Thurs Lab]: Plotting data Week 4 SEDIMENTARY STRUCTURES Lect 1a (T): Sedimentary sections (7) Lect 1b (T): Sedimentary Facies (8) and Walter’s Law (9) [Thurs Lab]: Scarborough School field trip 11 AM-12:30 PM (mandatory) followed by Bogus lab section in lab) Saturday Feb 11 or Sunday Feb 12 (9:00 am-5:00 pm): Field trip; St. Stephens Quarry ( Mandatory ) Week 5 INTRODUCTION TO SEDIMENTARY ENVIRONMENTS Lect 1 (T): Siliciclastic petrography 1; mature sediments (10) Lect 2 (R): Nearshore sedimentary environments (11) [Tues/Thurs Lab]: Mature sandstone petrology (quartz arenites) Week 6 THIN-SECTION PETROGRAPHY Lect 1 (T): Mardi Gras Holiday (Feb 21) Lect 2 (R): Flume group activity (12) [Thurs Lab]: Flume group activity Week 7 SILICICLASTIC PETROGRAPHY Lect 1 (T): Siliciclastic petrography 2 [immature sediment] (13) (midterm exam issued) Lect 2 (R): Alluvial fan depositional environments (14) [Tues/Thurs Labs]: Immature sandstone petrology (arkose/litharenites) Week 8 MOSCOW LANDING INTRODUCTION Lect 1 (T): Moscow Landing (15) Lect 2 (R): Catch up day (midterm exam due by 5:00 pm) [Tues/Thurs Labs]: Moscow Landing Writing/Library Research Assignment
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402syl - GY 402: Sedimentary Petrology (W) - 3 hours Spring...

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