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1 Peer Review Form Author = s Information: Name: _______________________________________________________________ Assignment Title: Grain Size hypothesis/methods critique Due Date: Friday January 27th Reviewer Information: Name: _______________________________________________________________ Date Reviewed: ________________________________________________________ Peer Review Instructions 1. Read the draft and make constructive comments in the margins. Be specific and helpful. 2. Consider providing a limited number of examples to the author. 3. Put your initials and date in the upper corner of the paper.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Complete the following questions. 5. Staple this completed peer review form to the assignment, return to D. Haywick by 5:00 PM, on the specified due date. Writing Style: Check off in the boxes provided In general this paper was easy to read. 9 Yes 9 No There were minimal spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc. 9 Yes 9 No The introduction outlined the purpose of the paper 9 Yes 9 No Paper comment s: Briefly indicate your opinion of the overall quality. Recommended Grade for this draft of the paper: ____________ (Choose from A, B, C, or D) Peer 1...
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