492syl - ES 492 (H): Honors Seminar in the Earth Sciences:...

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1 ES 492 (H): Honors Seminar in the Earth Sciences: Planetary Geology (3 hours) Spring 2011 Your Host: Doug Haywick Objectives and Goals: This course will examine present ideas about the geological composition of planetary bodies in our solar systems. We will also consider geological processes operating on these objects and their geological history. It is NOT a course that will dwell on science fiction. We will discuss the likelihood of life forms on some planets, but we will not be discussing extraterrestrial intelligence or anything “SETI”-related. The goals for this class are as follows: (1) to familiarize students with methods of planetary exploration, (2) to familiarize students with extraterrestrial processes (mostly geological) operating in our solar system, and (3) to consider the composition/geological processes affecting planets outside of our solar system. The course will involve significant amounts of reading (1 scientific publication per week) and is especially designed for students in Honors Program (University or Departmental). However, other students may be permitted to take the class with the permission of the Chair of Earth Sciences. ES 492 does not have any prerequisites, however, GY 111 and GY 112 would help. TENTATIVE LECTURE GAME PLAN (subject to revision) Week 1 THE SOLAR SYSTEM Lecture – Introduction; origin of the Solar System and planetary remote sensing Readings*: 1: Formation of the solar nebula/planets Week 2 THE EARTH/MOON SYSTEM Lecture - Origin of the Earth-Moon system Discussion – Formation of solar systems (Paper review 1 due) Readings: 2: The Moon Week 3 ASTEROIDS Lecture – The composition of asteroids Discussion – The Moon (Paper review 2 due) Readings: 3: Asteroids and comets Week 4 ASTEROIDS AND COMETS Lecture – Comets Discussion – Asteroids (Paper review 3 due) Readings: 4: Venus Week 5 MERCURY Lecture: Geological processes and geological history of Mercury Discussion – Comets (Paper 4 due) Readings: 5: Mercury Week 6 VENUS Lecture – The confusing geology of Venus Discussion –Mercury (Paper review 5 due) Readings: 6:Venus
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492syl - ES 492 (H): Honors Seminar in the Earth Sciences:...

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