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Earth Doug Haywick Abstract Here, you should summary the content of your poster. Many readers do not read beyond the abstract, so make sure that you make this section relevant and interesting (20 pitch for text; 32 pitch bold text for title). Focus box 1 Here, you should start to focus on one or more key points that you find interesting about your subject. Go easy on the text. The most successful posters are those that people find interesting. That means several good quality photos/figures that are accompanied by limited amounts of text. Remember, a picture is worth 100 words. Be sure to reference the sources that you are using for these boxes and to provide captions for all figures (e.g., Figure 1: Landsat image of the Earth. Source: NASA). (20 pitch for text; 32 pitch bold text for title; 12 pitch for references and figure captions). Introduction Here, you should outline the history of your topic (e.g., when was it first discovered, by whom, how, etc.). Also briefly discuss new developments that
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