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MAS 603 Paper Review: Barrier Islands D. Haywick Hoyt J.H. and Henry Jr., V.J., 1967. Influence of island migration on barrier-island sedimentation. Geological Society of America Bulletin , 78 , p77-86. Every once in a while you read a paper that basically summarizes what is intuitively common sense. This is just such a paper regarding the facies associated with a barrier island along the coast of Georgia (Sapelo Island). The main objective of the paper was to examine the tidal-inlet environment of the barrier island and to establish criteria by which to recognize similar environments in the rock record. At the time this paper was written, very little was apparently known about tidal inlets, particularly with respect to their influence on pre existing barrier island deposits. The dominant sediment transport direction along Sapelo Island is from north to south, however, there is also significant sand movement both landward and seaward within tidal channels. The authors were surprised to find that
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