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Andrada 1 Kristen Andrada Professor Vazquez FYS: Transformations 8 November 2011 Gregor's Transformation from Purity to Corruption A child born into the world immediately has neither good nor bad intentions immediately . Eventually , that child grows up and their thought process and actions are affected by the people they are associated with and the environment they grew up in. Ultimately , how they think or act is deemed either good or bad in the eyes of society. Gregor in The Metamorphosis is a good character for everything he did was in effort to keep his family living comfortably. However, he received no appreciation for what he did from his co-workers or his family . H h ow they treated Gregor transformed him into a form that fit into society's perception of him. Gregor Samsa transformed into a “vermin,” what society saw him as being a mindless and insignificant worker. In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis , Gregor's innocence and purity digresses into disgust and corruption due to society and his family’s abuse on Gregor's good intentions. In “The Metamophosis,” Gregor's transformation lies within his physical and mental state. Gregor had the mentality of the mindless worker who worked for the sake of others rather than himself. One morning, his body transformed into a “vermin” and he still thought the same way as to his outlook before the transformation. Gregor complains about his daily stresses,
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Kafka Essay.docx - Andrada 1 Kristen Andrada Professor...

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