Ent205_Short_Intro - Insects Insectfacts Over1,000, Maybeasmanyas10,000,000to30,000,000 Dividedinto32Orders (ca.500,000species NamethatCriMer

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Unformatted text preview: 9/1/11 Insects Insectfacts Over1,000,000differentknownspeciesofinsects Maybeasmanyas10,000,000to30,000,000 Dividedinto32Orders LargestOrderisthebeetles(ca.500,000species) EveryfiJhanimalintheworldisabeetle NamethatCriMer!!! Firefly LighteningBug FlickerBug GlowWorm Insectsliveinalmosteveryhabitableplaceonearth ClassificaVonNameandDescribe EvoluVonaryRelaVonships Taxonomy CarolusLinnaeus 17011778,Sweden Founderofmodern Taxonomy IntroducedBinomial Nomenclature BasedinLaVn 1 9/1/11 Tomatofruitworm Cornearworm CoMonbollworm Taxonomy Example Category Kingdom Phylum Class Animal Arthropoda Hexapoda Hymenoptera Apidae Apis mellifera Order Family Genus Species Helicoverpazea SpeciesConcepts BiologicalSpeciesOrganismsareclassified inthesamespeciesiftheyarepotenVally capableofinterbreedingandproducing ferVleoffspring. 2 ...
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