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10/26/11 1 Insects and Disease Megan L. Fritz Photo by Anthony Cornel, Objectives • Understand the role of Medical Entomology in science • Understand the ways in which certain insects vector disease • Provide examples of human/insect interactions that lead to an increase in insect-vectored disease transmission Insects and Humans Pop Quiz • What percent of the weight of a two year old pillow can be attributed to dust mites? a. none b. two c. ten d. fifty Which insects of these insects found in the USA, are known to feed on humans in their sleep? a. bed bugs b. mosquitoes c. cockroaches d. all of the above How long can Bed Bugs live without food? a. One day b. One week c. One month d. One year Which of the following can be transmitted by Michigan mosquitoes? a. LaCrosse Encephalitis b. Malaria c. Dog Heartworm d. West Nile Virus e. All of the above
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10/26/11 2 How long does it take a Human Botfly larva to develop under your skin? a. 5-10 days c. 15-30 days d. 35-60 days e. 70-80 days What is Medical Entomology? Study of human/ arthropod interactions as they pertain to human health issues NOTE: Earwigs do not commonly “hitchhike”, but other insects do! Human-Insect Interactions leading to human health issues Scavengers that indirectly lead to disease transmission - Examples: House flies, German Cockroaches Blood feeders (in one or more life stages) - Examples: Mosquitoes, Lice, Fleas Insects that feed on human flesh (rare) - Examples: Bot flies, Flesh flies, Blow flies Health Risks - Scavengers • Often associated with human garbage or animal waste
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Insects_and_Disease - 10/26/11 Objectives Photo...

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