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MIcrobiology definitions - microbial interaction neutral...

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1. Definitions ADP aerobes ammonification anaerobes anaerobic anoxic archebact,~ria ATP autotrophic bacillus bacteria catabolite repression cell membrane cell wall cells - eucaryotic cells - procaryotic chemoautotrophic chemotrophic coccus commensalism denitrifi,c:lti on diplo enzyme induction eubacteria facu1tativ~ anaerobes feedback inhibition fermentation gram negative gram positive gram staining halophiles heterotrophic inhibition, Feedback interaction among organisms mesophillic: methanogens methanogensis
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Unformatted text preview: microbial interaction - neutral microbial interaction -positive microbial interaction - antagonistic mutualism NAD NADH nitrification nitrogen fixation obligatory OXIC oxidation pathogl~nic photosynthetic phototmphic protozoa psychrophilic reducing power reduction respiration spirillum staphylo strepto synthesis thermophil es thermophillic VIruS 2. Cycles, Be able to diagram the carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles....
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