hst 102 - !) Briefly describe Appolos life. Born: July 4,...

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!) Briefly describe Appolos life. Born: July 4, 1858 City of New Haven, Connecticut. Father: Lee Ah Bow, a man who was born in the city of Ning Poo, China and came to the country in 1847 and settled in San Fransciso, Califronia. His father was in the tea business until 1849 when the gold excitement broke out in that section of the country. His father went to the golf dields and worked out a claim which was paning out successful, until one night while asleep in his tent with antoher Chinaman, he awoke and saw 2 Mexicans in the tent robbing his partner, the Chinaman, who was killed by them. His father shot both the Mexicans dead and left the gold fields and traveled over the mountains, day and night, with a gang of Meixans trying to run him down. His father safely escaped to New Haven, Connecticut, where ghe afain went into the tea business and got married and soon after Apollo wa born. Bow was offered the position as tea tester for the large tea and coffee house firm of Christainson & Wells. He accepted the position and came to New York City- also there was the Fletcher family who were the owners of the property. Mrs. Fletcher and Bow had a quarrel and Fletcher struck him a blow with a mason’s trowel, she took up a flatiron and struck him on the back with it while he stabbed her and she died instantly. Bow was tried and found guilty and sentenced to be executed however the case was appealed and he was granted a new trial and was found guilty of second degree murder and was sentenced to impriosonment for life and then the life sentense was commuted to 20 years. Soon after Bpw received hthe life sentence, my mother took passage on board the ship Golden Gate bound for California to visit her brother at San Franscisco. The ship was wrecked in a storn on the high seas on July 27, 1862 and both my mother and sister went down with the other unfortunates who were drowned.
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hst 102 - !) Briefly describe Appolos life. Born: July 4,...

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