Asian American 10 Lecture 7 & majority of 8

Asian American 10 Lecture 7 & majority of 8 - Asian...

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AGRICULTURE, RACE, LAW I. Tokugawa Bakufu How might we define Hawaiian Japanese nationalism? What kind of historical events and processes link these two archipelagos across the Asian Pacific? Japan industrialized, went to UK, and learned Western Skills. Hawaiians did the same. There’s a sense of remembrance and amnesia (?) Isolation links the two together. Japan by demand and Hawaii by geography. Workers in early 1800s developed the sugar economy link. Japan’s efforts to sustain itself, rose as an imperial nation to protect and raise themselves. They dissociated from outside connections etc… Hawaii saw themselves as a rising power as well. Before Jap. Nationalism, long period of Sengoku (country at war) period. 1300s to 1500s when Japan was governed by Shoguns (military governors). Lots of local/regional conflict, Japan loosely composed of 5 socio-economic classes. 1. Samurai (warriors) – top of chain 2. Peasants (farmers) 3. Artisans 4. Merchants (traders) 5. Burakumin (excluded class) Shogun (in 1500s) tried to unify Kyusho, Shikoku, and Honshu. Efforts to bring peace and stability. These attempts led to Tokugawa Ieyasu. The Tokugawa Bakufu( Temporary replacement for Emperor’s rule 1600-1867) [a “tent gov’t”] This created the Tokugawa Dynasty. It controlled internal efforts for power and political unity for the first time. At this stage, They called for separation and Isolation. - Toku. cautious of Western because of western colonization of Philippines. - Toku. Edicts restricted European entry and Japanese migration to Europe. - Exception is trade in Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese in Nagasaki. Japan protected its people from potential threats. It was operated by shoguns that followed the Bushido (way of warrior) In times of war, samurai exerted their authority to gain land etc… - Filial piety regards. Death (violence on oneself) is better than shame of defeat. a. The Fall of the Samurai a.1. War enabled Samurai. But What happens to Samurai when Tokugawa era brings peace & political unity and stability?? o Peacekeeping rule as administrator. Some become Rounin (dispossessed w/o lords) o Create community of fallen samurai.
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Peace undermines the bushido code. W/o wars, some become Scholars, admin, or rounin. - Tok. Tell them to become bureaucrats and scholars. Merchants and Peasants rise. Samurai decline in power. - Merchants caught attention of Samurai. -> immoral for dealing in monetary matters and dealing with Chinese and Dutch. -
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Asian American 10 Lecture 7 & majority of 8 - Asian...

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