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Unformatted text preview: ¡¢"£¤¥£ (%& ¦§¨¥©ª¤¥¤©" «¬­ ®«¯¬¨©¤£° ¡¢"£¤¥£ ±¨²«ª©°¨¬©# ¡ª¤¬¥¨©³¬ ´¬¤ ¨ª£¤©" µ«§§ '%&& ¶¨!©£$ The primary text for the course will be Classical Electrodynamics (3 rd Ed.), by J.D. Jackson. This book, which has long been the standard advanced treatment of E&M, is fairly formal in its approach. If you have already studies E&M at an intermediate level, you should probably use it. The secondary text will be Introduction to Electrodynamics (3 rd Ed.), by D.J. Griffiths. Although this is an intermediate text, when taken in combination with the lecture notes, its coverage of the material will be completely adequate. If you have not studied E&M at an intermediate level before, or were not satisfied by how well you mastered the material when you did, you should probably use this book. ·¸¸¤¥¨ ¹³ºª£$ I will hold office hours on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. If you can’t make it at that time, or would like to meet with me privately, please do not hesitate...
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