Week+8+Listening+Assignment - the mass meetings In what...

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Week 8 Listening Questions FREEDOM SONGS 1. Using “Oh Freedom” or other songs from the listening as example, discuss the role of the song leader in the freedom song tradition. Note both musical and social functions. The song leader's function is to provide a leadership role in the group so that the audience can identify the message of the song with. Also in terms of musical function, having a song leader allows the song to be more clean not all over the place with multiple singers trying to be the center of attention 2. How might you interpret “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round” (sung by the SNCC Freedom Singers) as an updated spiritual. What similarities or differences can you hear in the music and lyrics? The message behind the lyrics is nearly the same. Even though it has been around 100 years African Americans were still fighting for the same rights. 3. How does the ensemble style or freedom song performance compare and contrast with that of
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Unformatted text preview: the mass meetings? In what ways are they similar or different? Similar in the fact that people gathered together for a common goal but different that freedom songs were more peaceful and that people bonded together in those songs where as mass meetings there is a potential for arguments and non-constructive performances. 4. "We Shall Overcome" is one of the key anthems of the Civil Rights Era and was often used as a closing song at mass meetings. How does this song embody the spirit of the AfAm Civil Rights movement? How do the lyrics and music work together to express this sentiment? The lyrics bring together the whole audience because the lyrics all are common objectives that the people have. The song has repeating phrases that are the most important to the people. 2...
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Week+8+Listening+Assignment - the mass meetings In what...

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