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Week+11+Listening+Assignment (1) - Week 11 Listening...

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Week 11 Listening Questions HIP HOP AND GENDER 1. Fill in the following worksheet as you view Hip-hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes . Bring this to your section meetings. What are dominant representations of men or masculinity in hip-hop? The men showing violence, money, and treat women like objects. What are dominant representations of women or femininity in hip-hop? As sexy, slim ladies that are attracted to rich rappers and hip hop artists. Who are some of the critics of dominant hip-hop gender representations included in the film (individuals or groups)? Feminists, scholars. How is homophobia expressed in dominant hip-hop? Toward men? Women? Homophobia is represented as a normal masculine response. It is never mentioned. However, it is more acceptable for women. 2. Do you agree with the main argument of the film? Are there limited gender roles in hip-hop? Or is this statement to broad? I agree with the film. The hip-hop movement is centered around a hyper masculine idea. Even
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Week+11+Listening+Assignment (1) - Week 11 Listening...

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