FDMAT 108 Cummulative Final

FDMAT 108 Cummulative Final - FDMAT 108 Student Name...

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FDMAT 108 Comprehensive Final Student Name ___ _________________ This take-home final exam contains 9 questions worth 50 points and weighted as indicated below. Because this is a take-home exam you are allowed to use your textbook, spreadsheet software, notes and previous homework. However, please do not discuss any portion of the exam with any other individual. You will need to consider this exam the property of the BYU-Idaho Math Department and to treat it as a secure exam. This means that you should commit to not show this to other students now or in the future so that it can be used in upcoming semesters for other FDMAT 108 students. Your integrity in complying with this requirement is critical. Please use this page as the cover sheet with your first page of the amortization stapled on the back. Thanks for working so hard during our time together. I hope these topics and skills will be of value to you. Good luck on the exam. Note: Please read and sign the following before starting the exam . Student Commitment to Test Integrity: I, ___ _____________________ , certify that I have read this cover sheet carefully and commit to following the testing protocols stated. In particular, I commit to not sharing this exam or any of its contents with other students now or in the future. Signed: ___________________________________________ Final Exam Point Breakdown Problem # Theme Points Score 1 To Purchase a Home or Not 12 2 401-k Projections 6 3 Buying a Vehicle 4 4 Doubling Time and Unit Conversion 4 5 Credit Card Debt Issues 6 6 Expected Value and Insurance Policies 6 7 Margin of Error in the Newspaper 6 8 Analysis of a Baskin-Robbins Application 2 9 Top Four Things Learned 4 Total 50
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A Math 108 Case Study: Jason Howard is graduating from BYU-Idaho and has secured a full-time position working as a landscape designer for Oakbrook Landscapes in the southwestern part of the United States. He is married to Michelle and has a one year-old daughter Emily. Please answer the following problems using the skills you have developed during this semester’s course. Use your spreadsheet software and/or calculator in whatever ways you would like to reach your solutions and write your answers in the blanks provided below. 1. Jason and Michelle are discussing the pros and cons of buying a home versus renting in their new location. They found a small
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FDMAT 108 Cummulative Final - FDMAT 108 Student Name...

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