10 steering videos - Checking Ball Joints: You must be able...

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Checking Ball Joints: You must be able to tell what is the load carrying ball joint, and the follower ball joint. To check play compress the brake pedal to eliminate wheel bearing play and put the dial indicator under the steering nuckle. Also put it on the rim. Both times grab the wheel and try to rock it from top to bottom. Conventional Gear Adjustment: The untit should be removed before adjustments should be made. Worm bearing preload should be adjusted first. Remove locknut then turn the adjuster plug to factory specifications. Turn the torque with and inch pound torque wrench. Sector lash adjustment is accomplished by loosening the jam nut on top of the steering gear. Turn sector screw until the right turning torque is achieved. Flushing and Bleeding: Raise the vehicle until all the wheels are off the grounds. Disconnect return line at the power steering pump. Install a plug on the return port. Put end of the return hose into a container. With engine running add fluid to the reservoir with someone inside turning the wheel almost to the turn stops. Do this until the fluid coming out tunrs clear. With the engine stopped disconnedt the plug from the return port and reconnect the return line. To bleed turn the engine off and have someone turn the wheel to the full left. Top off the reservoir with power steering fluid. Have somone tunr the steering wheel from lock to lock atleast 20 times with the engine off. Make sure the fluid doesn’t drop below the cold level or become to airated. If it gets airated check the power steering lines.
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10 steering videos - Checking Ball Joints: You must be able...

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