Chapter 26 Quest 5th EDd

Chapter 26 Quest - 6 What is Semi-Independent suspension The wheels are not connected by an axle but they are not entirely independent of each

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Automotive Chasis Systems 5 th Ed. Chapter 26 Questions Name __ ___________________ 1. List TWO disadvantages of solid axles Side to side road shock transfer, increased proportion of unsprung weight 2. How is it that leaf spring / solid axles configurations do not require control arms? The whole thing goes up and down, not just one wheel 3. What does each end of a ‘track rod’ or ‘pan hard rod’ connect to? One end goes onto the control arm, the other to the frame 4. What is ONE advantage of Independent Rear Suspension? They generaly aren’t as tough 5. What are the TWO benefits of SLA suspension? Reduces tire scrub and improves traction
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is Semi-Independent suspension? The wheels are not connected by an axle but they are not entirely independent of each other. 7. What would cause the ‘bump stops’ to become damaged? Bottoming out the vehicle, getting old. 8. What should always be replaced in pairs? Shocks, struts, springs, 9. What component usually limits the downward travel of a rear axle? Shocks/struts 10. What will likely result if the center bolt breaks on a leaf spring? The vehicle will dogtrack because the leaf spring won’t hold the axle where it needs to be....
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